What pupils get from the TRIPLE GUARANTEE


If the pupil is in any way unhappy about the quality of the tuition they are receiving, they can request their money back.

This can be for the hour they have just had if they pay for the hour, or for that hour PLUS any remaining fees if they have paid an amount in advance.

Please see Terms & Conditions below for more information


If the pupil is unlucky enough to fail their first attempt at the DVSA Practical Test, then GT Driving School will pay for a second test.

Please see Terms and Conditions for more information


Once the New Driver has passed their Practical Test with GT Driving School, they can activate the warranty that allows them THREE HOURS of tuition FREE for the next TWO YEARS.

Please see Terms and Conditions and Activation for more information

The TRIPLE GUARANTEE is designed to give the pupil more than just discounted driving lessons. GT Driving School wants to offer the pupil MORE reassurance that the quality of the driving tuition is as good as advertised.