Drive greener, save money

In these times of higher prices for almost everything, people are seeking ways to reduce their bills by buying cheaper products or shopping around for the best deals.

The price of petrol and Diesel has gone up by around 30% over the last 12 months. It is now common to have very little change from £100 when filling the tank – if only there was a way of reducing this cost! …

GT Driving School can teach you how to be a greener driver and save money in the process. We will teach you how to do the following:

  • Avoid excessive acceleration or braking
  • Keep your distance from the vehicle ahead
  • Read the road ahead – anticipate queues & lights
  • Shift into a higher gear sooner (2500rpm petrol, 2000 diesel)
  • Block shift into a higher gear (eg move from 2nd to 5th) if the road allows
  • Turn off engine when in a jam, don’t rev the engine
  • Check tyres regularly
  • Stick to speed limits
  • Remove excess weight & roof racks/boxes
  • Only use your air conditioning sparingly
  • Plan your journey
  • Share your journey
  • Combine your journeys
  • Maintain your vehicle

If these actions are taken on board, it is estimated that you may be able to reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 30%. If you only save £10 p/w, that’s £40 per month & £480 over a year.

Not only will you save money but a 25% reduction in fuel means 600kg less of CO2 going into the atmosphere every year!

Our training course covers all of the above and costs £30 for a 90 min lesson.

Call GT Driving School on 07906 302910 or email for more details

Eco Driving Training


Eco Driving is not about driving slowly.

There are many misconceptions about  what eco driving is all about. Many people think that Eco Driving is all about being slow and not getting up to speed and getting in the way of other road users. Eco Driving is about driving smoothly but there is a lot more to it than that. This is why GT Driving School offer Eco Driver training.

Everyone knows that a petrol or Diesel powered car emits CO2 into the environment and that this gas is the main contributor to pollution and the increase in greenhouse gasses effecting the Earth’s ozone layer.

By adopting an Eco Driving method, an individual driver can do their part in reducing these gasses and their potential catastrophic effects. It may look like a hopeless position, what can one person do? The situation can be changed if many more people take responsibility to learn about Eco Driving.

Learning to drive in an Eco-friendly way has many beneficial effects as well as saving fuel. Eco Driving techniques will help the driver to save money through the purchase of less fuel as well as a reduction in the wear and tear of the car on the engine, brakes, tyres and suspension.

Eco Driving will make the driver a safer on the road as they will be more aware of other road users and hazards that appear around them.

Learning techniques for Eco Driving will also benefit how the driver feels when they arrive at their destination. Due to driving in a less aggressive style, the driver will arrive more relaxed and less stressed.

There are a multitude of good reasons why Eco Driving is good for the environment, good the car, good for safety and good for personal health. Eco Driving lessons can be offered as part of normal driving lessons when learning to drive or separately, helping experienced drivers to drive more effectively.