GT Driver Assessments

Do you see lots of reckless driving around you and wish you could drive better or safer?
Have you recently bought a new car and find that you cannot park it as well as you would like?
Do motorways leave you with a sick, nervous feeling in your stomach?

The GT Driver Improvement course can help with all of these concerns and will make you a safer and better driver in just a matter of hours.

Gt Driving School will analyse your driving as it is now, and then suggest alternative ways of improving it. I will help you with the 5 habits of good driving:

  1. Look well ahead
  2. Move your eyes
  3. Spot problems
  4. Keep Space
  5. Be seen

GT Driver Assessments are a all round 'health check' for your current driving skills. They look at your current style of driving and will give tips on any possible improvements as well as looking at other aspects of driver safety, such as licence renewal and driver health.

For more information, contact GT Driving School on 07906 302910 or email

Driver Assessment for Companies

Research shows that one-third of the accidents that occur on UK roads involve individuals driving as part of their work.

These accidents cost companies thousands of pounds every year; not just the of increasing insurance costs, they may result in loss of productivity due to the driver being unable to work due to injuries or the lack of availability of the vehicle.

By evaluating and educating every driver this cost can be reduced. Even new employees can be assessed before they get behind the wheel.

Driver Assessment Programs

Annual Driver Assessments are key to any company transport policy.

Companies need to be more than aware of their responsibilities in relation to public and employee Health and Safety, as it could be vulnerable to prosecution.

An organised and comprehensive programme of Driver Assessment by a company can act as the hub of a companies' Transport Policy. Any company is advised to have such a policy to ensure they are compliant with all the relevant UK and European Health and Safety and Transport laws.

Any company should provide all driving employees with a document stating their rights and requirements as well as the company policy for when something goes wrong.

An Annual Driver Assessments would include:
• a health assessment
• vision screening
• driving skills

The Driver Assessment would include any employee that drives for the company and those who just drive to and from the workplace. Any driver who has a company car that is used for leisure or social reasons at weekends or after work, even including spouses and partners who may use that vehicle, need to be included in the Driver Assessment programme.

Driving Assessments can also help with the company's age and sex discrimination policy as the assessment would cover all members of company and be assessed by an impartial agency that would show neither favouritism or prejudice. Any employee who appeared not to come up to the desired standard or who had recently had a vehicle accident, would be invited to additional training courses before any decisions on their future with the company could be made.

An effective transport policy would also include regular servicing and vehicle safety checks, making sure that any company vehicle is suitable and capable of doing the job it is required to do.
Accurate and clear records of the Policy, along with the Driver Assessments need to be kept and communicated in written form to each employee that is affected so no misunderstandings are made and the company is not put at risk.