Automatic Lessons

GT Driving School can now offer Automatic lessons.

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Automatic lessons are suited for those people who find using gears tricky or have the potential use of an automatic vehicle.

Taking your Practical driving test in an automatic car will ONLY allow you to drive automatic cars!

automatic gear for automatic driving lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons

Taking driving lessons in an automatic vehicle needs to be carefully thought about as this will only allow the driver to drive an automatic vehicle. If the driver then wishes to drive a manual car, by law, they need to take another test.

Taking Automatic Driving Lessons negates the need to learn about the use of the clutch and gears. This route to the driving test is sometimes more suitable for foreign nationals, more used to driving automatic cars, or to those people who find it physically difficult to operate a clutch and gear stick.

Not every school offers Automatic Driving Lessons, and those that do, often charge a little bit more for those lessons as an automatic car is usually more expensive to buy and maintain than a manual alternative. The advantage of taking Automatic Driving Lessons however, is often the need to take fewer lessons as an automatic vehicle is generally easier to drive.

The increasing availability of dual-fuel and electric cars that do not have the need for manual gearboxes means that the need to understand how to shift gears is decreasing and automatic cars are appearing more and more on our roads. This therefore means that taking only Automatic Driving Lessons is becoming more appealing to the general public.

Experts in this field expect all cars to become automatics in the near future, and the UK will become more like the USA and some parts of Europe where automatic cars are the norm and manual cars are rarely seen.

For drivers who have failed to pass their test in a manual car and do not wish to fuss with gears anymore may also consider taking automatic lessons and take the driving test in an automatic vehicle. It is considered easier to drive an automatic car than a manual car due to the lack of need to shift gears, use the clutch and find biting points.

Many people who move to having Automatic Driving Lessons and take their test in an automatic car, stick with automatics and do not go back to manual cars.