GT Petrol Challenge

GT Driving School is challenging ALL drivers to take the GT Petrol Challenge



In 2011 GT Driving School was challenged by BBC Radio Kent’s reporter Matthew Cole to demonstrate how much fuel could be saved. The result was a staggering 39% fuel saving which over an average year would equate to a saving of about £150. The results were broadcast on the John Warnett’s Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Kent.

GT Driving School is now challenging other drivers to see how much they could save. We are sure that we can show you ways to improve your fuel consumption that would result in potentially significant savings. If we cannot improve your MPG by at least 10%, we will give you your money back.

The improvements will also have other beneficial effects, such as making you a safer driver and generating less CO2 emissions, therefore benefiting the environment.

For more information, contact GT Driving School on 07906 302910 or email

Eco Driving Awareness

Eco Driving Awareness Can Save Hundreds Of Pounds

The price of fuel seems to constantly be going up and for no apparent reason. Fears of availability in the short or long term, coupled with increases in fuel duty have made driving very costly.

However, with a little bit of Eco Driving  Awareness, every driver is capable of saving fuel and money as well as help to save the environment.

In these fuel-aware times, we are all told that we should be conserving energy and by being more Eco-aware, we can reduce our vehicle fuel bills.

If you are on the road frequently, either for work or for pleasure, an Eco Driving Awareness course can be hugely beneficial, saving money that could be put towards other, more pleasurable things.

Companies with a fleet of cars or vans would benefit the most from Eco Driving Awareness training for all their employees. Many of the costs of running a fleet are relatively fixed, such as tax, insurance, maintenance.

The cost of fuel is the one aspect that can be controlled by how the fleet are run and used. Companies that offer this training to their drivers can promote themselves to new customers through their environmental policies, showing how caring they are to the environment.

Offering Eco Driving Awareness to employees can also be seen as a perk as they can not only use the skills they have learnt to save fuel at work, but at home as well, saving themselves money on their own personal domestic fuel costs.

Eco Driving Awareness courses themselves prove very economical as they will benefit an individual or a company for years to come, giving drivers the skills to save money, fuel and the planet.